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Town in the middle of the old Bavaria,

Freising is twinned to Arpajon.

Cultural exchanges are performed all year long between the two towns.
Here is a summary of the town and its activities.

  • Freising is a renown intellectual center. Weihenstephan : where in the past the oldest brewery in Bavaria used to be found, then a well known economical center. The Technical University is appreciated because of its agricultural and horticultural departments, the brewery, the food and the milk industries. One can also find vocational school and the agricultural Bavaria Institute with its famous "shrub garden exhibition". Various seminars and international congress take place in this town all year long.
  • Since its change to an episcopal city in 8th century, Freising is the oldest city in the valley of Isar. The baroque style and the churches show the bishop's influence at that time.
  • A nice town to pay a visit to : sights to be seen, the big street, the market place, a glorious cathedral, the diocese's museum with more than 9000 objects of Bavaria exhibited.

 The artistes of Freising 

See the "VITA" page from the "Bürgernetz Weihenstephan" site (german language)
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